Aphmau Fruit Punch JuiceBlox

Aphmau Fruit Punch JuiceBlox

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Aphmau Fruit Punch Juice
Aphmau is the #1 female-led gaming channel on YouTube.  

Aphmau Fruit Punch (100% Fruit Juice)
Power up with  Fruit Punch JuiceBlox, inspired by the vibrant energy and playful spirit of Aphmau. Bursting with fruity flavors and the sweetness of memories made with friends, this drink is perfect for any adventure. 

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Filtered water, apple juice concentrate, Nutural flavor, Pear Juice concentrate, Grape Juice concentrate.

Who is Aphmau?
Aphmau was born Jessica Bravura on October 16, 1989. She is an American social media personality and a YouTube star.

Aphmau, Unspeakable, & NinjaKidz are three of the biggest YouTube stars for kids. Check out NinjaKidzTV, Aphmau and Unspeakable’s YouTube channels for their latest content!