Lays Nori Seaweed, Halal (Made in Vietnam)

Lays Nori Seaweed, Halal (Made in Vietnam)

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Lays Nori Seaweed Potato Snacks
Seaweed Flavored Chips

Dive into the savory world of Lay's Nori Seaweed chips – a limited edition delight. Prepared with the subtle yet delicious flavor of nori seaweed, these chips are a unique and delicious snack option. They deliver 150g of crunchy, seaweed-flavored chips, perfect for snacking anytime.

Is this Product Halal?
Lays Nori Seaweed is Certified Halal by The Central Islamic Council of Thailand. Pepsi-Cola (Thai) Trading Co., Ltd owns the Manufacturing plant in Vietnam which produces Lays Nori Seaweed. 


Made in Vietnam