Mr Beast Chocolate Bars Deez Nutz

Mr Beast Chocolate Bars Deez Nutz

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Mr Beast Deez Nutz
Made with Organic Cocoa! Introducing Feastables Gluten Free Chocolates by Mr Beast!

Please Note that Mr Beast Chocolates has an ingredient known as "Chocolate Liquor". This is not an alcoholic substance. It is simply pure cocoa. It is called ‘Liquor’ because it is liquid cocoa beans. It is also called cocoa mass, cocoa paste or unsweetened chocolate.

Below is the definition of Chocolate Liquor taken from Muis Website

Many perceive this as a type of alcoholic drink. However, chocolate liquor, also known as cocoa liquor, is actually the liquid component obtained by the grinding of cocoa nibs from the cocoa bean. It converts cocoa powder and cocoa butter as end products. It is a primary ingredient in chocolate manufacture. This is different from chocolate liqueur, which is an alcoholic beverage with chocolate flavour. Chocolate liquor is generally halal, chocolate liqueur is not.

Reference from MUIS Website

Each 60g Deez Nutz Packet Contains; An EXPLOSION of Chocolate Peanut Butter Flavor Creamy, dreamy milk from grass-fed cows
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