Smarties Ritter Sport, Limited Edition (Germany)

Smarties Ritter Sport, Limited Edition (Germany)

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Ritter Sport Smarties
Limited Edition 100g Chocolate Bar

Ditch the ordinary and dive into a world of chocolatey fun with Ritter Sport Smarties Vollmilch! This limited edition bar takes Ritter Sport's famously creamy milk chocolate and elevates it with a vibrant explosion of Smarties candies.

Smooth and decadent milk chocolate base, only to be surprised by pops of colorful Smarties throughout. The delightful textural contrast between the creamy chocolate and the crunchy candy shells creates a truly irresistible experience. Each bite bursts with flavor, making it a party for your taste buds!

Smarties Ritter Sport Ingredients 
Sugar, cocoa butter, sugar-coated chocolate lentils (sugar, skimmed MILK powder, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, WHEAT flour, BUTTER fat, WHEY product, rice starch, emulsifier: lecithin (SOYA); color (beetroot red, carotene, curcumin), spirulina concentrate, glazing agent (carnauba wax, white beeswax), BARLEY malt extract, plant concentrates (safflower, radish), cocoa mass, whole MILK powder, LACTOSE, skimmed MILK powder, pure BUTTER fat, emulsifier: lecithins (SOYA). May contain traces of peanuts, nuts and eggs.

Allergens & Warnings:
Contains: Barley, Contains Milk, And Contains Wheat.

Made in Germany