Warheads Double Drops Liquid Candy

Warheads Double Drops Liquid Candy

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Warheads Double Drops Liquid Candy
Sour & Delicious
Each bottle has 2 flavors

Two Super Sour flavors in one cool bottle. You can try each flavor separately, or squeeze them together for a puckering, 2-flavor sensation. 

You can also add the flavours to shaved ice-toppings, Use them in Sprite on the rocks (for a great non-alcoholic mixed drink). Whatever you do with it, they taste super good. Just eat/drink it in moderation!

Note :
The glycerine ingredient used in warheads are made from plant based. 

FYI; All Products sold in SGFR will either be Halal or Vegan. The SGFR Store will NOT sell the Product if it contains Alcohol or Non-Halal Ingredients.