Warheads Super Sour Trio Gel Wheel (51g)

Warheads Super Sour Trio Gel Wheel (51g)

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3 Flavours in One Pack!

The Warheads Super Sour Trio is the ultimate treat for any sour candy fan. Each wheel contains three super sour gels in strawberry, blue raspberry and apple flavours.

Add the flavours to shaved ice-toppings, Use them in Sprite on the rocks (for a great non-alcoholic mixed drink). Whatever you do with it, they taste super good. Just eat/drink it in moderation!

FYI; All Products sold in SGFR will either be Halal or Vegan. The SGFR Store will NOT sell the Product if it contains Alcohol or Non-Halal Ingredients.

Sugar, Dextrin, Water, Glucose syrup, Acid: Malic acid (E296); Acidity regulator: Sodium Citrate (E331); Thickener: Gum arabic (E414), Pectin (E440); Flavourings, Preservative: Potassium sorbate (E202); Colour: Starwberry:E163; Blue Raspberry: E133; Apple:E141; Cherry:E120.