Our Story


Our journey began in 2020 when we founded SGFishingRigz Pte Ltd, a beginner-friendly fishing hub with a mission to instill sustainable values in the younger generation and make fishing easy for beginners. We were passionate about fishing and wanted to share our love for the sport with others. SGFishingRigz quickly gained attention from Gen Z and youths. Our social media presence grew, and we were soon featured in various media outlets.

The positive feedback from our customers motivated us to open a physical store in Singapore. We were able to operate SGFishingRigz for a year and a half; however, towards the end of December 2022, there was a massive drop in the demand for
Fishing Gear. Other Fishing Tackle Shops were starting to close. We believe that this was due to the reopening of the Borders; many people no longer wanted to Fish in Singapore after the borders had reopened.

After extensive market research, we ultimately decided to pivot our business to selling imported snacks and drinks. We wanted to continue serving our community and saw this as an opportunity to expand our reach. We used whatever we learned
from Social Media Marketing in SGFishingRigz, and applied it to our new company 'The SGFR Store (SG For Real). Fortunately, this new direction worked out. We attracted a larger following than ever before, and our customers loved our unique selection of imported snacks and drinks.