Boba Balls Candy Level 9 (Halal)

Boba Balls Candy Level 9 (Halal)

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Boba Balls Candy 15g
100% Halal

Mixed fruit flavoured pectin jelly. Gelatin Free. Mix this Boba candy with any drink and you instantly get Boba drink or you can eat it on its own. Boba Prime anyone?
Contains Orange, Apple Strawberry & Tutty Fruity Flavour. 

Sugar 38%, Glucose Syrup 32%, Food Additives (INS330, INS33, INS420, INS440, INS903, Preservative INS211, Artificial colours INS102, INS110, INS124, INS133 and Artificial flavours. Contains Milk Powder & Gluten from Malt.

Made in thailand