Karl Gummies Sour Blue Raspberry

Karl Gummies Sour Blue Raspberry

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Karl Gummies Sour Blue Raspberry
Feastables' first line of gummy candy, in a collaboration with YouTuber Karl Jacobs!

100% Plant-Based!
5g of sugar with No artificial flavors or colors.

Sour Blue Raspberry;
An EXPLOSION of Sour Blue Raspberry Flavor
Deliciously craveable and less than 50 calories per serving (5g of sugar). This candy is Plant-based. No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives

Glucose (sweetens and softens), Allulose (a naturally occurring sweetener), Water (just water LOL), Sugar (only 5g per serving), Pectin (makes them chewy, made from citrus fruits and apples), Citric Acid (it gets its name from citrus fruits - brings the sour), Sodium Citrate (makes our gummy's sour), Natural Flavor (derived from natural sources), Fumaric Acid (brings more sour), Lactic Acid (brings even more sour + flavor), Color from Spirulina (comes from nature)