KitKat Rich Chocolate Coated Wafer Bar

KitKat Rich Chocolate Coated Wafer Bar

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KitKat Rich Chocolate Coated Wafer Bar
Have a rich, delicious break!

Where layers of delicious chocolate coating meet crispy cocoa wafer. Each bite offers a truly rich experience with its perfect balance of wafer and chocolate. Have a rich, delicious break! 

Kitkat Ingredients 
Milk Chocolate (76.2%) (Sugar, Milk solids (16%), Cocoa butter (14.2%), Cocoa solids (10.6%), Emulsifier (Soya lecithin) and Artificial (Vanilla) flavouring substance) and Wafer (Sugar, Refined Wheat flour (Maida), Hydrogenated vegetable fats, Cocoa solids (1.4%), Milk solids, Fractionated vegetable fat, Raising agent (500(ii)), Yeast, Emulsifier (Soya lecithin), Iodised salt, Flour treatment agent (516), Artificial (Vanilla) flavouring substance and Nature-Identical flavouring substance). 

Allergens & Warnings:

Contains Wheat, Milk, Sesame and Soy May contains Nut.
Made in India