Lays Maxx Texas BBQ Brisket 85g (Halal, Made in Saudi)

Lays Maxx Texas BBQ Brisket 85g (Halal, Made in Saudi)

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Lays Max Texas BBQ Brisket 85g (100% Halal).
Simply So Addictive!

Lay's Maxx Texas BBQ Brisket is a potato chip flavour that captures the smoky and savoury taste of traditional Texas BBQ brisket. These thick-cut chips have a bold and robust flavour with a hint of tangy barbecue sauce. 

Fresh potatoes, vegetable oils, palmolein chili seasoning, cows milk, whey powder, salt, sugar, acidity regulator E330, flavour enhancers E621 E508 E635, hydrolysed vegetable protein, soya cows buttermilk powder, natural cheese flavour from cows milk, natural capsicum flavour, natural colour E160c, anticaking agents E552 E551, garlic powder, onion powder, cheese powder from cows milk, maltodextrin maize, cows skimmed milk powder.

Made in Saudi Arabia