* Prime Hydration Classic Lemon Lime

* Prime Hydration Classic Lemon Lime

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Prime Hydration Lemon Lime Classic Flavour
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The Six Basic Flavours includes Lemon Lime, Tropical Punch, Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Strawberry & Metamoon.

Prime Hydration Lemon Lime is described as having a zesty and refreshing citrus flavor. It combines the tanginess of lemon with the slightly sweeter and brighter notes of lime. This creates a well-balanced and thirst-quenching drink. Prime is a hydration drink that is made up of 10 percent coconut water and contain electrolytes, B vitamins and BCAAs. Prime contains no added sugar, is caffeine-free, and has around 20 calories per bottle.

You can now buy all the basic flavours from SGFR stores.