Prime Hydration Collector Series KSI Mango

Prime Hydration Collector Series KSI Mango

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Prime Hydration KSI
Limited Edition & Collector Series

About KSI Prime (Collector Series)
The limited edition KSI Prime mango-orange flavor launched exclusively in the UK has become a collector's item. 

Prime has since stopped producing KSI. This means all KSI bottles on the market are likely expired and should not be consumed. While short supply and a reseller market have driven prices high, remember: this KSI Prime is best left on the shelf, not in your fridge.

About SGFR
SGFR Store is one fo the Largest Seller of Prime Hydration Drinks in Singapore. Prime Hydration brought to you by YouTubers Logan Paul and JJ Olatunji (known as KSI). 

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