• * WOW Hydrate Manchester United
  • * WOW Hydrate Manchester United
  • * WOW Hydrate Manchester United

* WOW Hydrate Manchester United

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Manchester United Official Hydration Drink!
Not suitable for Vegetarians or Vegan

WOW HYDRATE is NOT suitable for vegans or vegetarians due to the source of the protein and Vitamin D coming from a bovine source. The protein source is from a halal source. Pls refer to the halal certificate. 

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The ultimate hydration drink.

    Each bottle of ELECTROLYTE PRO contains four essential electrolytes: calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium. Rapidly rehydrate during or after an intense workout with ELECTROLYTE PRO.

  • Vitamin B6
    Vitamin B6 supports normal energy production, helps increase metabolism and boosts brain function while helping to improve mood and reduce fatigue.

  • Sugar & Fat Free
    Our electrolyte sports waters deliver only the essential ingredients, refuelling the body without carbs, sugar or fats.

    A powerful antioxidant that supports healthy cells and keeps them hydrated. Vitamin C increases energy levels while boosting the immune system.

  • Vitamin D
    Vitamin D plays a crucial role in many of your body functions. It helps maintain healthy bones and teeth in addition to helping support a normal immune system function. Keeping a healthy immune system is very important as it is your body’s first line of defense against disease and infection.

97% Water, Citric Acid, Natural Flavourings, Black Carrot Extract, Sodium Benzoate, Sucralose, Electrolytes: Potassium Phosphate, Calcium Lactate, Magnesium Citrate, Sodium Chloride, Vitamins: B6 (Pyridoxine) C (Ascorbic Acid) and D2 (Ergocalciferol).